A visit to the world renowned Emperor Penguin colony is without a doubt an adventure of a lifetime!

BY Kayleigh Woodman , HEAD OF SALES

It’s a 2.5 hour flight from our luxury Antarctic camp to Atka Bay, where our guests will experience one of nature’s most spectacular – and least viewed – wildlife events.

During the long, dark winter months, the male penguin carries a single egg on his feet until it hatches, while the female hunts out at sea. To keep warm, the adult males conserve energy and shelter from the wind in a constantly shifting huddle, until the females return in springtime to feed the newly-hatched chicks.

Our guests have exclusive access to this impressive colony at Atka Bay, and our ability to reach the colony early in the season affords them the rare opportunity to watch as the chicks step off their parents’ feet for the very first time – a wildlife photographer’s dream!

As there are so few visitors to this colony, the curious chicks often waddle close by, entirely unafraid of humans and ready to face the cameras!

Best Times to Visit:

Viewing the newly-hatched chicks:

November – December 2021

Viewing the colony of 28,000 penguins:

January – February 2022