How to prepare for a trip to Antarctica

BY Mindy Roberts , Chief Marketing Officer

So, you’ve just booked your ultimate luxury adventure to Antarctica

The question now is what to pack!

Your inner Shackleton has been activated and scenes of future exploration play across your mind – soaring 3,000ft above endless ice sheets onboard a vintage Basler DC3 bedecked in your finest aviators (polarised of course!) and a cashmere windbreaker…

High altitudes demand more than just high fashion, especially when stepping foot on the highest, windiest, coldest and driest continent on the planet. That reminds us, pack your lipbalm!


Packing the correct clothing for your trip to Antarctica

Having the right gear will ensure that you are both comfortable and safe throughout your adventure with White Desert.

We understand that this can be a daunting task for any holiday, let alone to one of the remotest places on Earth…but we’re here to help. After 18 years of experience in this unique environment we understand exactly what kit is right for your journey to Antarctica. 

You might be surprised by the simplicity of our key piece of advice…it’s all about layers!


Must have items to include:

  • 50+ SPF sunscreen – we’re not kidding about SPF; the lack of ozone means the sun takes no prisoners
  • polarised sunglasses to counteract the intense glare of the white ice and snow
  • a buff to protect your face and keep you warm
  • Lots of natural materials in your base layers and socks (think wool thermals)

Our team have prepared this helpful video to show you just what you need to pack before you travel to Antarctica and what to pack in your hold Vs hand luggage.

Should you require assistance with the ordering and purchase of your kit, our team is on hand to assist you with this process –  please feel free to contact us for any information or questions you may have, [email protected]

NB luggage information to note:

Luggage allowance for Antarctic flights:

• 23kg for hold luggage

• 7kg for hand luggage

• Hold luggage must be in one soft duffel bag, a requirement from our pilots due to limited

payload on our Basler planes in Antarctica (we do allow duffel bags with wheels)

• Hand luggage must be in a 30 – 40L backpack. This backpack will be used as your daypack

during activities in Antarctica, so please do not bring anything smaller than this