Queen Maud Land

Antarctica is a mythical and awe-inspiring destination. The coldest, driest, windiest, most remote place on Earth – it’s the closest you’ll feel to being on another planet.

The area we operate within was discovered by a Norwegian expedition in 1930, claimed by Norway in 1939, and declared a dependency of that nation in 1949. Named in honour of the then Norwegian queen, the region is perfectly situated for exploring the interior of the continent.

It takes us 5-hours by private charter flying from Cape Town and landing on our private blue ice runway, Wolf’s Fang.

Whichaway, our flagship camp is located 170 kilometres (105 mi) from the coast and sits at 100 meters (330 ft) above sea level. Echo Base is situated further inland around 100 kilometres (62 mi) from the coast and at 1130 meters (3700 ft) above sea level.

Several countries operate science research bases in the territory, such as Neumayer-Station III (Germany), Novolazarevskaya Station (Russia), SANAE IV (South Africa) and Maitri (India). White Desert use our operations infrastructure to support many of these teams, transporting around 150 scientists each year.

Flight Routes

  • Wolf's Fang runway

    Using specialist techniques and machinery, we have created a runway that is uncompromising in its safety and with minimal delays. With experienced pilots flying over 25 flights a season, it is now regarded as a well-established and reliable airbridge between Africa and Antarctica.

  • Environment & Sustainability

    We recognise that Antarctica is a pristine wilderness and make stringent efforts to ensure that our footprint is absolutely minimal. With an ENDS environmental award and carbon neutral since 2007, we are continually working to improve the ways in which we interact with this incredible environment.

  • Our camps

    White Desert’s uniquely located camps are designed to be easily dismantled and removed, leaving no trace on the pristine environment. Guests can choose to stay at either Whichaway, an oasis of luxury overlooking freshwater lakes, or Echo, set in some of the most dramatic mountain ranges on Earth.

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