Minimising Impact


1. SAF fuel 
In a landmark first for any Antarctic operator, we are delivering the first test quantity of 40,000 litres of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to Antarctica for our 2021/22 operations. We aim to replace all Jet A-1 fuel in Antarctica over the next 3-5 years.

2. Carbon Neutral
We mitigate all emissions generated by our flights and activities through fully accredited carbon offset schemes. Having been CarbonNeutral® since 2007, this commitment has always been a core tenet of our company.

3. Environmentally conscious supply chain
We are working to eliminate single-use plastics, and all other waste is shipped back to South Africa for recycling or responsible disposal. All soaps, detergents and cleaning agents are biodegradable.

4. Pioneering renewables in Antarctica
Partnering with California-based Arctica Solar, we are use solar air heaters to warm our pods. This cutting-edge technology enables us to minimise our dependency on fossil fuel.

5. Science & Tourism Logistics
We share our logistics resources to help with delivering scientists to their stations and in doing so assist in vital, on-going climate change research.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel
SAF fuel logo

In line with the Paris Agreement and the UK Net Zero target, White Desert aims to replace all Jet A-1 fuel it uses in Antarctica over the next 3-5 years. After the initial test period this coming season, Sustainable Aviation Fuel will be used for all flights within Antarctica to transport tourists to White Desert’s luxury camps and scientists to their research stations.


SAF is produced from waste oils and fats through an innovative process that significantly reduces lifecycle carbon emissions, creating an 80 percent smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional Jet A-1 fuel. SAF combustion also produces fewer particulates and sulphur oxides (SOx), thereby greatly reducing the quantity of soot particles emitted. This is particularly significant in Antarctica as the black colour of the soot absorbs the heat of the sun, exacerbating snow melt.



It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.

The Dalai Lama

In conjunction with SAF fuel we will be net negative in terms of our carbon emissions. We offset all of our flights, activities and projects to ensure that we achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Working with the UK-based Carbon Neutral Company, we sponsor a well-established tree planting project in the Amazon rainforest.

Learn more about our offsetting project

Environmentally Conscious

With the staggering proliferation of plastics in our daily use, we are continually reducing single-use plastic in our supply chain. We aim to cut it out completely by 2021.

All waste is shipped out of Antarctica every season to be recycled or disposed of responsibly in South Africa. All detergents, soaps and cleaning agents are biodegradable ensuring the lightest environmental footprint.

While sturdy and comfortable, all elements of Whichaway Camp can be disassembled and shipped out of Antarctica when required, leaving no trace.


Creating heat in Antarctica can be achieved by using the energy of the sun. Working closely with California-based Arctica Solar we can harness that power to minimise our dependency on fossil fuel.

Unlike a photovoltaic panel, Arctic Solar’s 1500 series of solar air heaters work directly produce heat rather than electricity. Sunlight enters the heater and is converted at more than 85% efficiency. Ambient air from the inside of the pod is routed into the heater, where the temperature is increased by up to 40ºC, and then returned back to the pod in a continuous cycle.


At the heart of White Desert’s mission is the desire to create a positive impact on Antarctica’s future through its tourism and science logistics programmes.



White Desert supplies logistical support for international science programmes at their bases in Antarctica. Sharing our aircraft with both scientists and visitors, assists in delivering scientists to their research bases more efficiently, thereby reducing environmental impact.


  • Whichaway Camp

    Whichaway camp is totally unique and the perfect base from which to start your adventure. Having won the World Travel Awards five times, the camp is also designed with a minimal environmental footprint in mind.

  • Our FLEET

    Being the only company in the world to fly business jets to Antarctica, our emphasis has always been on luxury and safety. That same commitment extends to the ski-equipped aircraft that we use in the interior.

  • Wolf's Fang Runway

    Using specialist techniques and machinery, we have created a runway that is uncompromising in its safety and with minimal delays. With experienced pilots flying over 25 flights a season, it is now regarded as a well-established and reliable airbridge between Africa and Antarctica.

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