“Visiting ice caves stands out as our favorite activity by far – one of the most visually stunning things we’ve ever seen. ”

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“Luxury travel has become more about immersive, authentic experiences, from private audiences with the Dalai Lama to being stranded on Bear Grylls' Island”

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“White Desert – the only company in the world to offer a Gulfstream private jet to access Antarctic”

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“White Desert Whichaway Camp is an oasis of luxury in an inhospitable landscape.”

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“Even when gussied up with private jets, cozy igloos, and cutting-edge cruise ships, a trip down south to the Seventh Continent is intense—which is something the Antarctica experts at White Desert know well.”

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Endurance22 Expedition

White Desert supported the historical Endurance22 Expedition, which set off to locate, survey and film the hunt for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship lost to the sea ice in 1915.

The Endurance was found on March 5th, 2022.

In partnership with the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust (FMHT), White Desert deployed an expert logistics team of 8 staff to provide living support, safety and on-ice survival assistance.

Departing from Cape Town, South Africa to Antarctica’s Weddell Sea on 5th February 2022, the team was deployed from the S.A. Agulhas directly onto the sea ice.

Explore with Endurance22

Snow Queen

Snow Queen Vodka was established in 1994 by Gulnida Toichieva as a Kazakhstani family owned bespoke beverage house.

Hidden in mystery, much like the vastly unexplored landscape of Antarctica, Snow Queen Vodka offers unparalleled elegance and exceptional purity.

In 2021/22, White Desert and Snow Queen Vodka unearthed their Snow Lounge and Ice Bar, an unexpected touch of luxury inspired by nature's wonder.

Discover Snow Queen


Since its inception in 1979, world renowned Canadian footwear and apparel brand Baffin has produced technically advanced gear designed to perform in the world's most extreme conditions.

Antarctica's landscape is a formidable environment. Baffin provides our guests and team with high quality outdoor gear that is both dependable and durable in the world's driest, coldest, highest and windiest continent.

Explore Baffin


We have partnered with local Cape Town, South African fine jeweller, Shimansky, to create an exclusive Antarctic collection of earrings, pendants and bracelets to immortalise your time on ice.

Mr Yair Shimansky has created a bespoke range just for White Desert. The collection showcases his pursuit of perfection, passion, innovation, vision and an understanding of the client and their special moment. Just like with White Desert, in the centre of the Shimansky world, is you, the client.

Visit Shimansky


Devold’s success coincided with the first major polar expeditions of the late 19th century.

Founded in Norway, Devold has made sustainable choices for 170 years, using methods that are gentle on both animals and the environment.

White Desert are proud to partner with a brand that shares our values and ethos - a partnership that will continue to make choices that create a better future for our planet.

Uncover Devold

Craft Irish Whiskey


For 700 years, Irish distillers perfected the whiskey maker’s art - Irish flavour, strength and character defined its excellence - much like the spirit of Ireland's iconic polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The 'water of life' is synonymous with the Heroic Age of Exploration, a warming elixir for the soul during many an expedition.

By combining the historic art of craft whiskey making with 21st century science, we elevate and perfect. In honour of Antarctica's icy expanse and a nod to the purest water found on Earth, White Desert and Craft Irish Whiskey will be announcing a very special release...

Discover Craft Irish Whiskey


Vuarnet has a story, it’s unique. It began in Paris in 1957 where renowned optometrist, Roger Pouilloux, had his workshop. With a passion for skiing in alpine conditions, he revolutionised the sunglasses world by inventing an exceptional glass that can protect his eyes on the slopes and provide a clear vision of the landscape relief in overcast weather.

A unique collaboration has been created specifically for White Desert by Vuarnet, and is now exclusively available to our guests.

View Vuarnet


Saltee is a brand, a culture, and a mindset defined by transformative travel, in alignment with White Desert's mission to leave our guests forever changed by their experience on ice - and we hope - returning home with a new perspective and appreciation for our world.

Oprah gifted Saltee to guests attending the 50th Birthday Party she hosted for Ava DuVernay in Hawaii.

Saltee is a luxury suncare brand borne from a shared passion for life-changing holiday experiences. We call these experiences transformative travel, for their ability to make us see the world - and ourselves - in a different light.

Vist Saltee


Bremont is an award-winning British company producing beautifully engineered chronometers at the headquarters in Henley on Thames, England. Time began for Bremont in 2002, when Nick and Giles English, Co-Founders, embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. Inspired by a love of flying historic aircraft, of watches and all things mechanical, Bremont timepieces have to be tested beyond the normal call of duty.

Bremont has crafted a bespoke watch, in partnership with White Desert, for guests to purchase after their epic adventure to the South Pole. The watch can be engraved with the date of their journey as a timeless reminder of the experience.


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