With only 12 guests on each departure, we tailor the experience to be as relaxed or as adrenalin-fueled as you wish

8 nights
Emperors & South Pole
Price: US$92,500
This trip combines the magnificent Emperor Penguins with a flight to the southernmost point on earth - the Geographic South Pole.

Key Facts:

Private Jet
Luxury Camp
No specific fitness level
5 nights
Early Emperors
Price: US$58,000
This trip offers unique access to a magnificent penguin colony when the chicks are taking their first steps off their parent's feet.

Key Facts:

Photography emphasis
6,000-strong colony
No specific fitness level
1 Day
The Greatest Day
Price: US$13,500
Undoubtedly the greatest day trip of all time! You will have up to four hours on the ground, whilst our award-winning chef and professional guides look after you.

Key Facts:

Private Jet
Champagne Picnic
Guided Hike
4 nights
Explorers' Academy
Price: US$38,500
On this four-day adventure, White Desert offers you the opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced and accomplished polar explorers of our time – Ben Saunders.

Key Facts:

Essential Polar Skills
Camp in the Antarctic Wilderness
Requirements: Only an appetite for adventure
4-8 Days
Owners' Club
Price on Request
This is an extremely rare opportunity to land your personal aircraft on the only runway in Antarctica specifically designed for private jets

Key Facts:

Bespoke Itinerary
Specialist Pilot Training
Luxury Camp
Est. 2005
Our Story
The idea of White Desert all started on an expedition in 2004, when we were stuck in a little tent waiting out a storm. All of us were feeling a little defeated. For four days the storm had raged outside. We were getting low on supplies and – even worse – starting to tell the same stories...

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