With only 12 guests on each departure, we tailor the experience to be as relaxed or as adrenalin-fueled as you wish

8 nights
Emperors & South Pole
Price: US$96,000
This trip combines the magnificent Emperor Penguins with a flight to the southernmost point on earth - the Geographic South Pole.

Key Facts:

Private Jet
Luxury Camp
No specific fitness level
5 nights
Early Emperors
Price: US$60,000
This trip offers unique access to a magnificent penguin colony when the chicks are taking their first steps off their parent's feet.

Key Facts:

Photography emphasis
6,000-strong colony
No specific fitness level
1 Day
The Greatest Day
Price: US$14,500
Undoubtedly the greatest day trip of all time! You will have up to four hours on the ground, whilst our award-winning chef and professional guides look after you.

Key Facts:

Private Jet
Champagne Picnic
Guided Hike
4 nights
The Explorers Academy
Price: US$40,000
On this four-day adventure, White Desert offers you the opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced and accomplished polar explorers of our time – Ben Saunders.

Key Facts:

Essential Polar Skills
Camp in the Antarctic Wilderness
Requirements: Only an appetite for adventure
4-8 Days
Owners' Club
Price on Request
This is an extremely rare opportunity to land your personal aircraft on the only runway in Antarctica specifically designed for private jets

Key Facts:

Bespoke Itinerary
Specialist Pilot Training
Luxury Camp
24 days
Ultimate Antarctica
This bespoke adventure allows you to experience the very best of the interior of Antarctica and of the Antarctic Peninsula in the greatest comfort.

Key Facts:

Private jet
Geographic South Pole visit
Emperor penguin colony visit
Yacht cruise expedition
Helicopter flight
Submersible excursion

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