33º 58’ 00” S 18º 36’ 00” E


Cape Town is home to award-winning vineyards and stunning ocean vistas. It is often tipped as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

We will host a safety briefing the day before the flight where our staff will explain all kit requirements, assist with any last minute preparations and update you as to the latest weather forecasts in Antarctica.


South Africa To Antarctica

We travel in uncompromised comfort across the mighty Southern Ocean in a private jet. During the 5-hour flight, the African night turns to day as we soar over thousands of icebergs and pass into 24 hours of continuous sunshine. Destination: Wolf’s Fang runway.


Nunatak Climb

Scale a nearby Nunatak and marvel at the view with the Wolf’s Fang peak occupying the northern horizon.
★ ★ ★
Fitness rating

Scenic Flight

Transfer from the jet onto a smaller propellor plane. We can now soar amongst the colossal spires of rock rising vertically out of the ice
Fitness rating

4X4 Excursions

Experience these extremely capable and unique vehicles in the environment for which they were built
★ ★
Fitness rating

Fat Bikes

Take turns racing your friends on a groomed track beside the runway. This is mountain biking - but like on another planet.
★ ★ ★
Fitness rating

71º 39’ 43” S 9º 29’ 03” E

Champagne Picnic

After hiking to the top of a rugged peak with views to every horizon, you will celebrate by sipping a cocktail with 1000-year-old glacial ice and a freshly prepared picnic.

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