Contract: November 2021 – February 2022


Primary Responsibilities | Front of House Manager

This role is responsible for providing a friendly, welcoming and efficient service to all guests, in line with White Desert’s vision and values of customer satisfaction. The role includes overseeing and coordinating the work of the Camp Assistant team and reports to the Camp Manager. Key responsibilities are grouped into the following areas:


Management of Team:

As the line manager of two/three camp assistants throughout season, you will be responsible for ensuring each assistant understands their role on ice, performs their duties to the expected level and interacts responsibly with clients at all times. You will be the first point of contact for your team for any issues that arise regarding their role on ice or life in camp.  Any concerns will be directed to you and then elevated to the Camp Manager as required.


Interactions with Clients:

  • To undertake front of house duties, including meeting, greeting and attending to the needs of clients, to ensure a superb customer service experience at all times.
  • To liaise with your Camp Manager regarding guest profiles and requirements for each trip (who will liaise with the Guest Manager in Cape Town regarding this information)
  • Be the point of contact for clients regarding any housekeeping and catering questions.
  • To deal with guest requests to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.
  • To communicate any client complaints regarding accommodation and catering to the Camp Manager and work together to find a solution as quickly as possible in an effective and courteous manner.
  • To be responsible for the presentation of the gift shop items in camp and all purchases to guests (including communication purchases) – taking orders, filling out the forms, taking payments and sending all the information to Cape Town as well as tracking all purchases on ice. Keep petty cash and record balance changes


Support of catering staff:

  • To be aware of any special client requests (diets, preferences etc.) and ensure these are communicated to the client team (camp assistants, chef, guides)
  • To train and manage the Camp Assistants, and to share the washing up and cleaning duties where necessary.
  • To schedule and rota camp staff to clean in conjunction with the Chef. The Camp Manager will communicate this rota to all staff.
  • To be responsible for keeping the entrance pod, lounge and dining room areas clean and presentable at all times.
  • To ensure snacks and drinks are available at all times in the dining pod for guests to help themselves
  • To oversee and assist with setting up the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables.
  • To organise the preparation and presentation of pre-dinner and evening drinks.
  • To take guest breakfast orders, relay orders to the kitchen and ensure all orders are filled in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • To serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • To help with organising of treks, picnic lunches, 4×4 excursions with the Chef.


Change over day:

  • Oversee the cleaning of the camp between guests and preparation of services for new guests.
  • Coordinate the staff to ensure all areas completed in a timely manner – cleaning of all pods, collection all used linen, towels, hot water bottle covers etc for return to Cape Town for laundry on each rotation of clients.
  • Ensure all clients have taken their WD loan items back with them and complete a clothing and boot check lists if possible. Email information to Client Relationship Manager in Cape Town (or do so via Camp Manager).



  • When Camp Manager and Head Guide are absent from camp, you will be the point of contact for clients and staff from Wolf’s Fang Runway, Wolf’s Fang Explorer and Cape Town
  • Updating Camp Manager, staff and client email accounts every morning and evening
  • Explaining the email usage to clients and staff
  • Deleting all guest emails sent at the end of each trip.
  • Following the data usage of email accounts and iridium phones; liaising with Cargo Manager to order more data when needed
  • Selling the iridium cards to clients and staff; ordering more iridium cards when needed (tracking all purchases)
  • Liaising with all the staff members and putting orders on purchase lists, communicating with Camp Manager and sending the purchase lists to Cargo Manager
  • In partnership with the Chef, responsibility for maintaining inventory of catering and hospitality supplies in camp and emailing Cargo Manager / Catering Manager full inventory of all food and drinks that remain after each group so they can adjust the loads being sent into Antarctica accordingly
  • Emailing Cargo Manager checklists and itemisation of cargo sent back to Cape Town
  • Creating an end of season report outlining hospitality and interior requirements for the next season, as well as any recommendations for improvements to camp or role.



  • The above outlines the primary responsibilities for the roles/duties, is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time, dependent upon the operational requirements of White Desert Limited and within the parameters of the position; and
  • From time to time, the performance of duties outside the sphere of this job description will be required, as and when necessary, dependent upon the operational requirements of White Desert Limited, this includes but is not limited to actively contributing to the daily maintenance of the White Desert Camps and ensuring a standard duty of care.
  • In addition, there is an all-embracing expectation that each team member will work collaboratively within the team framework and that each team member is responsible for maintaining a supportive environment in line with the White Desert ethos.


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