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The Design & Digital Marketing Coordinator should be able to adapt to extreme cold weather environments with ease and have a wide understanding of cultural nuances. This role will undertake the following:

• Design web pages, brochures, logos, signs, books, magazine covers, annual reports, advertisements, and other communication materials related cold environments (High mountains, glaciers, Antarctica, South Pole, North Pole) in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
• Create materials by using technology, including computer software programs such as Adobe’s Creative including Photoshop, Illustrator  and InDesign.
• Create or incorporate illustrations, pictures, and designs to reflect the desired theme and tone of the communications.
• Produce drafts for review by the Sales & Marketing Manager and make revisions based on the feedback received.
• Review final productions for errors and ensure that final prints reflect specifications and translate same into French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese as necessary
• Develop social media content plans that are consistent with the company’s brand identity.
• Create consistent, meaningful content on all social media platforms, including writing and editing social media posts, improving customer engagement, and promoting social media campaigns related to Antarctic travel and translate same as required
• Manage a high volume of daily social media posts in English as well as other languages as required
• Communicate with social media followers in their native languages and respond to queries in a timely manner.
• Develop and manage social influencer programs and attending social influencer events.
• Use analytical tools such as Google Analytics to monitor and evaluate the company’s social media presence and performance.
• Support the preparation of monthly reports on social media marketing efforts.
• Suggest recommendations to adjust the social media marketing strategy for optimal results.
• Stay up to date on best practices and emerging trends in social media.
• Translate the existing website into relevant languages

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