We were stuck in a little tent waiting out a storm...

My three teammates and I were in the midst of a 1,850km traverse of the Antarctic continent and all of us were feeling a little defeated.

For four days the storm had raged outside. We were getting low on supplies and – even worse – starting to tell the same stories. We wondered why only scientists and the odd polar explorer ever got to see the real Antarctica.

By that we meant the interior of the continent.

We knew that thousands of people went on the cruise ships that patrolled the periphery, but that the interior was almost untouched. We had already found it to be such a surreal and inspiring place – surely others should be able to do the same? We want people to experience this breath-taking place in luxury and to hopefully go home changed in the most positive of ways.

The other aspect was that it had to be environmentally sound. With 24 hours of sunshine and the intensity of the wind we had already experienced, it was obvious to us that wind and solar power were initiatives we wanted to incorporate from the outset.

Now White Desert is a reality. We have taken hundreds of clients to experience this forbidding and rarely seen interior and, despite all the challenges, it remains an incredible privilege to be here!

The Continent has had a deep and lasting impact on all of us at White Desert and we look forward to sharing it with you.

  • Whichaway

    Whichaway camp is unique, and the perfect base from which to start your adventure. Having won the World Travel Awards five times, the camp is also designed to have a minimal environmental footprint.

  • Our Aircraft

    Being the only company in the world to fly private charter to Antarctica, our emphasis has always been on luxury and safety. That same commitment extends to the ski-equipped aircraft that we use in the interior.

  • ENVIRONMENT & Sustainability

    We recognise that Antarctica is a pristine wilderness and make stringent efforts to ensure that our footprint is absolutely minimal. With an ENDS environmental award and carbon neutral since 2007, we are continually working to improve the ways in which we interact with this incredible environment.

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