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Co-ordinates: 71° 31′ S, 08° 48′ E
Elevation: 1127m AMSL
Length: 3000m
Width: 60m
Orientation: 175 True
Declared Distances: TORA AND LDA – 25OOm / TORA AND ASDA – 30OOm

71º 32’ 00” S 8º 50’ 00” E


The Wolf's Fang Runway is 3000m (8200’) long and 60m (196’) wide. Note that the runway edge markers are actually 70m apart from the centre line. Any snow accumulations or berms are pushed at least 10m beyond the edge markers giving a minimum strip width of 90m.

The runway is aligned into the slope of the local terrain and consequently, the prevailing wind - 175° True. The runway has an overall longitudinal slope of 0.3% rising to the South.



Commercially-endorsed firefighting response units are standing by for every international flight.


With dedicated professional forecasters in Cape Town, and an on-the-ground team qualified in weather reporting, we have an excellent track record of getting the planes in on schedule.


Using the Iridium network, our office in Cape Town is fully connected to our ski-ways and ground teams across Antarctica.


With a paramedic stationed at Wolf's Fang Runway and a fully-qualified doctor accompanying each of the BT-67 Basler flights, we prioritise safety above all else.

71º 32’ 00” S 8º 50’ 00” E


With the assistance of the South African science vessel, our fuel supply is delivered to the edge of Antarctica. Our traverse team then embarks on a journey of 800km across the Fimbul ice shelf to Wolf's Fang Runway.

  • Whichaway

    Whichaway camp is unique and the perfect base from which to start your adventure. Having won the World Travel Awards five times, the camp is also designed with a minimal environmental footprint in mind.

  • Our Aircraft

    Being the only company in the world to fly private charter to Antarctica, our emphasis has always been on luxury and safety. That same commitment extends to the ski-equipped aircraft that we use in the interior.

  • Environment & Sustainability

    We recognise that Antarctica is a pristine wilderness and make stringent efforts to ensure that our footprint is absolutely minimal. With an ENDS environmental award and carbon neutral since 2007, we are continually working to improve the ways in which we interact with this incredible environment.

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