Touring our luxury eco-camps

BY Kayleigh Woodman , Head of Sales

The first thing our guests usually ask (after being assured that they are able to experience Antarctica without being super athletes or hardened explorers) is very often:


 “What makes your camps different from one another”, followed quickly by “Which one is best for me?”…


Both Echo and Whichaway camps are equally exceptional, and offer the highest levels of comfort and luxury. Each are designed to be dismantled, leaving only a minor or transitory impact on the Antarctic landscape.

Besides the difference in aesthetic, architecture and design, there are some differences in the activities offered at each camp that we highlight below.

The locations and surroundings are also distinctly different, which is not surprising as they are located over a hundred kilometres away from each other – about a 30 minute flight in one of our ski-equipped Baslers.

In order to truly understand which camp would suit you best, you need to think about what kind of traveller you are and what you enjoy when exploring the unknown…

Rest assured, you can’t go wrong, whichever camp you choose!


What makes our Antarctic camps unique from one another?

To understand how our camps differ we’ve prepared a handy Echo & Whichaway guide: