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A Transformative Journey in the Heart of Antarctica 

A journey to Antarctica will present unique encounters and profound sensations that only the pristine, untouched Wilderness of the White Continent can offer. Experiences that will leave you forever changed. Even amongst seasoned explorers, a journey to Antarctica forges a profound connection to the wilderness that few are lucky to experience.

This connection is woven into every aspect of the White Desert experience. None more so than at our flagship camp, Whichaway. Tucked away on a rare rocky outcrop on the Schirmacher Oasis, Whichaway offers an experience you can’t find anywhere else on Earth.

The new Wellness Dome at Whichaway


Introducing the Wellness Dome

This season, Whichaway Camp will unveil an exciting new addition: a magnificent clear ‘Wellness Dome’ overlooking the frozen lakes of the Schirmacher Oasis. Here, guests can take the time to let the profound silence envelope them and sit in awe of the diamond-like glaciers and iridescent blue ice surrounding them. The Wellness Dome offers guests a warm, comfortable space to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking Antarctic environment, providing the perfect sanctuary from the chill of the cold.

The dome will form part of the Whichaway Wellness Hub, which features a sauna and ice plunge for those seeking the invigorating benefits of authentic contrast therapy. The Hub offers guests a chance to use Antarctica’s natural canvas for mindfulness and well-being – to be at one with Earth and reconnect with themselves. Take a moment to practice yoga, meditate or simply relax amongst the ice fields in quiet comfort.


Your view from the quiet comfort of the Wellness Dome.

Your view from the quiet comfort of the Wellness Dome.



While the Wellness Hub provides the perfect location to reconnect with Mind, Body and Soul, the camp’s luxury pods will transport you back to another era of travel. Their well-appointed interiors channel inspiration from Antarctica’s rich heritage of polar exploration. Each pod is carefully designed to create a warm space for optimal comfort and escape. Guests finish the day sharing stories as they indulge in fine dining that defies the remote nature of this location. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long, adventure-filled day.

A stay at Whichaway will leave you transformed forever, feeling like you have just taken your first full breath of air.

Come and join us…