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Established in 2005 by record-breaking polar explorers, husband-and-wife duo Patrick and Robyn Woodhead, White Desert Antarctica operates luxury trips to the interior of Antarctica, flying 36 guests at a time from its home base in Cape Town on a private charter for once-in-a-lifetime experiences including visiting the South Pole, summiting an unclimbed mountain, photographing a colony of 28,000 emperor penguins, climbing, trekking, and exploring ice tunnels.

Operating out of two luxury camps Echo and Whichaway, the company is already recognised as a pioneer in providing breath-taking eco-experiences in a challenging environment. The ambition is to maintain exceptional levels of service and hospitality, particularly the guest facing aspect to always ensure a premium luxury experience. White Desert not only provides tourism but also services the Antarctic science community.


Primary Responsibilities

Joining the team as Meteorological / Weather Observer, the Contractor will be required to support the Flight Operations Officer.

Responsible for performing meteorological weather watch, taking, evaluating, recording, encoding, and disseminating surface weather observations at the Wolf’s Fang Runway and broadly operating under the direction of the Runway Manager. The Contractor will take lead in providing aviation and site weather forecasting and observation services, maintaining responsibility for developing forecasts and preparing weather briefings for pilots and interested parties such as outlying camps, field parties, and stations, as well as any area of responsibility.  They will support and assist flight operation functions, maintaining the operations log and runway opening checks. They will pass weather forecasts to aircrew and maintain contact with aircraft while in flight.


Key responsibilities include:

  • Watching, taking, evaluating, recording, encoding, and disseminating surface weather observation
  • Writing and disseminating weather observations
  • Preparing briefing materials
  • Recording weather conditions used for forecasting and archival purposes
  • Provide input as the observer for planning and preparation of operational activities
  • Communicate with aircraft and track aircraft movements
  • File flight plans and broadcast flight movement messages
  • Conduct airside ground support activities including passenger and cargo handling, manifesting, aircraft marshalling, and the use of ground support equipment
  • Collect, capture, and record flight information data
  • Conduct quality checks and reporting including weather observations, runway friction measurements and runway pre-opening checklists
  • Monitor fuel usage, fuel handling, and fuel storage containers
  • Lead the First Response Team to respond to on-site incidents
  • Assist in the development and documentation of operational procedures
  • Interpreting and adhering to technical publications and directions on ice runway maintenance techniques
  • Hosting clients and visitors to the site
  • Adhering to all applicable environmental requirements
  • Undertake runway maintenance activities including surveying, plant operation under direction, and equipment maintenance under direction; and
  • Undertake camp maintenance activities including snow clearing, kitchen duties, waste disposal, water production, refueling, erecting tents, etc.



  • The above outlines the primary responsibilities for the roles/duties, is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time, dependent upon the operational requirements of White Desert Limited and within the parameters of the position; and
  • From time to time, the performance of duties outside the sphere of this job description will be required, as and when necessary, dependent upon the operational requirements of White Desert Limited this includes but is not limited to actively contributing to the daily maintenance of the White Desert Camps in Antarctica and ensuring a standard duty of care
  • In addition, there is an all-embracing expectation that each team member will work collaboratively within the team framework and that each team member is responsible for maintaining a supportive environment in line with the White Desert ethos


Candidate Specifications Competencies

  • Graduate of a meteorology technician course or equivalent course of study leading to a weather observing/forecasting certification
  • Experience in weather forecasting and operational compiling
  • Experience in airport/airfield weather forecasting in support of an operational runway or ski-way
  • Experience operating an automated service operating system will be beneficial
  • Experience in the aviation industry; (dispatch, pilot or air traffic services)
  • Prior work experience in flight operations would be advantageous
  • Ability to interpret aviation weather, flight plans and
  • Familiarity with NOTAM information
  • Good communication skills in English, oral and written
  • IT skills / experience
  • Computer literacy


Required Skills and Experience

  • Proactive with strong organising skills, team-oriented, flexible approach and able to provide solid results under high pressure
  • Solid communication skills
  • Ability to cope with heavy workload
  • High attention to detail
  • Able to prioritise multiple tasks


Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to walk on uneven / slippery terrain, climb / descend uneven / slippery terrain, stand and / or sit for long periods of time, bend, stoop, reach, push, pull, lift objects that may be heavy, and be comfortable around and operating heavy equipment
  • Must be able to work in arctic weather conditions (Working outside is an everyday event)
  • During the operational season, all employees will be constrained to confined residing, in tents or pods


Please send your CV, cover letter and include position you will be applying for in subject line to [email protected]

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