The lounge is heated, spacious and a fantastic setting to relax after the day’s activities


Our collection of polar books encompasses lesser-known facts on the indigenous wildlife and the explorers of old


Write postcards and letters from the warm and cosy lounge


Three separate shower rooms are available 24/7

En suite

The wash area and toilets of each sleeping pod


The pods are cosy and spacious, with rich textures and soft furnishings


The pods are cosy and spacious, with rich textures and soft furnishings


Sensational food and carefully selected wines make the evening’s dining an unforgettable experience


The perfect place to chat and enjoy cuisine from our award-winning chef



Only in Antarctica will your ice be the purest on Earth! We use 1,000-year-old ice blocks in our truly unique cocktails.


Our wine list is curated each year by a sommelier who selects award-winning labels from the leading Cape vineyards.


Each meal is a memory in Antarctica. From a hearty breakfast every morning to prepare you for your day, to an exquisite six-course tasting menu designed to thrill your senses.


We will take you to a selection of hidden picnic spots with breathtaking views.

70º 48’ 00” S 11º 23’ 00” E


The communal space at Whichaway Camp is a place to sit back and recharge. The well-appointed lounge, with adjacent cocktail deck, is both warm and comfortable. This is the perfect setting for guests to relax and share experiences after a day on the ice.

The library is complete with timeless classics recounting tales of Antarctic exploration, the stories perhaps all the more real now that you are experiencing this incredible environment at first hand.


    As the only company in the world to fly business jets to Antarctica, our emphasis has always been on luxury and safety. That same commitment extends to the ski-equipped aircraft that we use in the interior.

  • Wolf'S Fang Runway

    Using specialist techniques and machinery, we have created a runway that is uncompromising in its safety and with minimal delays. With experienced pilots flying over 25 flights a season, it is now regarded as a well-established and reliable airbridge between Africa and Antarctica.

  • Environment

    We recognise that Antarctica is a pristine wilderness and make stringent efforts to ensure that our footprint is absolutely minimal. With an ENDS environmental award and carbon neutral since 2007, we are continually working to improve the ways in which we interact with this incredible environment.

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