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Established in 2005 by record-breaking polar explorers, husband-and-wife duo Patrick and Robyn Woodhead, White Desert Antarctica operates luxury trips to the interior of Antarctica, flying 36 guests at a time from its home base in Cape Town on a private charter for once-in-a-lifetime experiences including visiting the South Pole, summiting an unclimbed mountain, photographing a colony of 28,000 emperor penguins, climbing, trekking, and exploring ice tunnels.

Operating out of two luxury camps Echo and Whichaway, the company is already recognised as a pioneer in providing breath-taking eco-experiences in a challenging environment. The ambition is to maintain exceptional levels of service and hospitality, particularly the guest facing aspect to always ensure a premium luxury experience. White Desert not only provides tourism but also services the Antarctic science community.



This role is responsible for utilising the plant-and equipment fleet under the direction of the Runway Manager, to build and maintain the Wolf’s Fang Runway. This role is also responsible for maintaining and operating ski-ways at remote locations independently and will be required to operate machinery to move snow, tow heavy sledges, and prepare the surface (ice and snow) to ensure that runway/ski ways are safe for operation.



  • Operate runway equipment independently, in a safe and efficient manner;
  • Always plan plant movements so as to minimise fuel consumption;
  • Understand and carefully observe the safety considerations of heavy equipment operations in an Antartic environment
  • Maintain constant awareness of plant and Antarctic hazards (including blizzards, crevassing, white out and sun burn) and take steps to minimise exposure to the risks they present;
  • Complete pre and post shift inspections and servicing on plant and equipment;
  • Perform weather observations;
  • Undertake runway friction measurements and runway pre-opening checklists;
  • Conduct fuel handling including the operation of pumps, filters, bonding leads, fuel drains, bulk storage containers (Isotanks and IBCs), spill prevention procedures and spill remediation procedures;
  • Manually move and load cargo including 205 L fuel drums;
  • Plan and conduct cargo loading, considering stability, weigh distribution and suitable restraints/lashing;
  • Participate in camp setup, maintenance and logistic activities including tent erection, snow clearing, refuelling generators, water harvesting, manage waste handling, etc;
  • Participate as a First Response Team member to respond to on-site incidents including crevasse rescue, aircraft fires, and searches during blizzards for lost team members;
  • Assist in the development of risk assessments and operational procedures;
  • Assist in preseason planning including movement planning and the procurement of necessary stores and equipment as part of pre-embarkation activities; and
  • Hosting clients and visitors to the site.



  • The above outlines the primary responsibilities for the roles/duties, is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time, dependent upon the operational requirements of White Desert Limited and within the parameters of the position; and
  • From time to time, the performance of duties outside the sphere of this job description will be required, as and when necessary, dependent upon the operational requirements of White Desert Limited, this includes but is not limited to actively contributing to the daily maintenance of the Whichaway Camp and ensuring a standard duty of care.



  • Ability to operate safely and effeciently heavy snow grooming equipment, namely a Pistenbully or trainable
  • Must be 18+ years old with current and valid vehicle driver’s licence
  • Experience working in remote locations with heavy equipment is preferred, but not required
  • Must be able to communicate clearly in English
  • Follow all safety practices
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment to hit our goals and expectations.
  • Must be medically fit to walk on uneven / slippery terrain, climb / descend uneven / slippery terrain, stand and / or sit for long periods of time, bend, stoop, reach, push, pull, lift objects that may be heavy, and be comfortable around and operating heavy equipment
  • Must be able to work in arctic weather conditions (Working outside is an everyday event)
  • During the operational season, all employees will be constrained to confined residing, in tents or pods .


Please send your CV, cover letter and include position you will be applying for in subject line to [email protected]


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