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Having been part of the youngest and fastest team to ever reach the South Pole in 2002, Patrick went on to lead the first ever East to West traverse of Antarctica, covering 1850km in a total of 75 days.

Outside of the Polar World, he has been on many successful expeditions, summiting unclimbed mountains in Tibet and Kyrgyzstan, kayaking down uncharted rivers in the Amazon and being part of the team to set the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2015 he broke the record for the fastest traverse of Greenland.

Author of 4 bestselling books published in 11 different languages, Patrick is also a Prince’s Trust ambassador and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He holds a private plane licence and when not working, enjoys discovering the lesser-trodden areas of South Africa with his wife and two children.

Favorite part of White Desert


With a 6,750NM range the Gulfstream G550 is one of the most capable business jets in the world. It is able to fly all the way to Wolf’s Fang runway and back again without refueling.

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